Why are Holland Synthesizer products so expensive?

Unfortunately, there are many factors that contribute to this. Up until recently, all of our projects were "One of a Kind", which means all of the development costs are rolled into the first unit. Secondly, all of our products are hand made, and built to rigorous aerospace quality guidelines, which is reflected in our product reliability. When you are not using mass production, costs go up dramatically. And lastly, we use very expensive components. We select each component to be the absolute best performing component, based on sound quality and reliability, without regard to price. This is one of the reasons we have audibly superior products. Let me use our SM2000 synthesizer modules as a concrete example. All of our modules have front panels that are machined, powder coated, engraved and filled with colored ink. Other manufacturers might pay $3.00 for a front panel where one of ours costs us $300.00. After 10 years of wear, ours still look the same. We also use brass collet knobs, Bourns pots, and Switchcraft jacks. Our competitors might pay 49 cents for a pot and knob, where our cost is $17.00. Multiply that by a hundred, and you see what happens.

Why aren't Holland Synthesizer products for sale on the website?

We want our customers to be really satisfied, so we encourage them to have a dialog with us. We encourage them to come by, try out the products, discuss their individual needs, and then we propose a solution specific to their situation. This has worked very well for both our Spacecraft Division and our Professional Audio Division. Feel free to email us if you have an interest in one of our products, or if you have something custom or semi-custom in mind.

Do you have other products in development?

Absolutely! We are constantly designing new products. We are currently developing some new synthesizer modules, and an analog sequencer to complement the SM2000 synthesizer. In addition, we are considering migrating several of our existing products to the new "Series 500" Format, including Mic Preamps, Direct boxes, EQs and so on. We also have in development a 32 channel digitally controlled analog mixing console in a 19" 3U package. Look for these later this year and next year.



Drop us an email if you have an interest in one of our products, or would like us to quote on your particular application.

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