January 2018 Holland Synthesizer is pleased to announce the introduction of 4 new products this year.

The model FM3200 is a 32 channel mixing console in a 3U package. Primarily designed for live musicians that require studio quality and a lot of inputs in a tight amount of space. Also great for studio electronic musicians that have tons of synths, but don't want to tie up all the inputs on the main console.

We are also now selling two of our most popular products, the "TBD DI Box" and the "Model 78 Mic Preamp" in the popular Series 500 format.

In addition, we now stock the "S500-Ext" which is a universal Series 500 Extender card with test points. The extender makes an easy task of testing and calibrating Series 500 modules outside of the chassis.

January 2016 Holland Synthesizer is pleased to announce the rollout of its latest product the "TBD" Direct box.

The TBD is a multifunctional studio interface device. It can perform several commonly required tasks such as single-ended to differential conversion, direct injection or DI Box, signal splitting, buffering, gain control, impedance matching and “re-amping”.

The TDB is designed with no input or output transformers in order to minimize hum pick-up, maintain flat frequency response and provide flexible impedances and loading capabilities.

It is designed to be audibly superior, dead quiet, flexible and of course to possess the legendary reliability for which Holland Synthesizer equipment is known. For more details, please see the TBD page.

June 2015 Holland Synthesizer is pleased to announce that the SM2000 line of Monophonic Analog Synthesizers will now be available as standard products. Up until now, these high performance synthesizers were only available as custom built instruments.

March 2014 Holland Synthesizer announces that after more than 20 years, it will be winding down the acceptance of new projects at it's Spacecraft Division, in order to concentrate on the Audio Division. There will be many exciting projects in the near future!


Drop us an email if you have an interest in one of our products, or would like us to quote on your particular application.

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