(Transformerless Box of Directness)

Active Noise Optimizing Direct Box, Re-amp Box and Signal Splitter

The TBD is a multifunctional studio interface device. It can perform several commonly required tasks such as single-ended to differential conversion, direct injection or DI Box, signal splitting, buffering, gain control, impedance matching and “re-amping”.

The TDB is designed with no input or output transformers in order to minimize hum pick-up, maintain flat frequency response and provide flexible impedances and loading capabilities.

It is designed to be audibly superior, dead quiet, flexible and of course to possess the legendary reliability for which Holland Synthesizer equipment is known.


1. Power: 2 Batteries. Duracell 9 Volt.
2. Frequency response: Balanced or unbalanced outputs:
+/- 0.5 dB 10 Hz to 150 KHz.
3. Noise : Greater than –115 dBm.
4. Distortion: Less than 0.01 %.
5. Input impedance: Selectable 1K Ohm, 100K Ohms or greater than 1 Meg Ohm.
6. Output impedance: Unbal 50 Ohms, Bal 50 Ohms.
7. Gain: 0 - 4.75 at Unbalanced Out, 0 - 9.5 at Balanced Out.
8. Gold contacts on PCB, switches and XLR Connector.

MSRP $599.00 USD


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